Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why must i treat myself this way??

Dear Lord,
Must i see for myself that Quincey is married to a beautiful lady of his choice then i could let my heart died .....why must i keep on having thoughts of him not married ??What is the use of this .....i thot God give you the revelation of Isaiah 61:1-3.....saying that God will heal your broken heart and you can go forth to speak His words for people....and see you are here, going into the cycle of reminding yourself of that bondage with Quincey.....He never love you and he is married ....he won't come to love you.....dear, be good to yourself and dun make yourself miserable and sad because of these thoughts .....this news isn't new so long, and old .....pray for God's mercy and grace for the nations ....and not for your own failed one-sided so long, old decompsite, love ....ok, got to go God ....

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