Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear God What should i seek??

Dear God,
I know i should not seek after money nor fame , but after your kingdom....loving the people and being a good testimony , i read in a book it says Our goal is not to live big, grabbing all we can for ourselves.Our goal is to trust God to live big in us as we give ourselves for the good of others - especially those less fortunate than us.Lord help me not to wallow in my own misery of not having enough but goes forward to do my bit for the community ....lord built me up that i will do my best at my workplace and giving my best for the clients that comes to my center.....Lord i want to continue to serve you with my heart and my mind, give me wisdom and guide me with grace that i know i can love all .....with Christ unfailing love .....lord let me continue to strive on in jesus name Amen!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God, the resurrected hopes of mine

Dear Lord,
During the Good Friday Service, the worship leader had ask us what is the thing that you would like to cruisfy with you.....and then, on Sunday let it resurrected with new know what i need to crusify .....the feelings of wanting to find a man's love.....i should let go of the feelings of wanting to get attached so much....and enjoy my singleness, well i guess during the Sunday.....i was filled with love of christ in me ......the thought of being attached or single is no longer an i know that with christ love i could survived on my own and with His love, i could love others without wanting anything back....a tall and wide love .....with depth .....agape love .....i guess i just want to continue to walk with you .....holding your hands and with fear and gladness let your wisdom guide me in living my life solely for You are the one that matters.....In Jesus name,Amen!