Sunday, March 29, 2009

God, i am thankful

I am thankful that you had brought me so far, let me be able to let go of all those wanting to be love feelings and continue my journey with you .... i know that with your love alone i could be satisfield .....conitnue to uphold me .....especially i pray that you will let me be able to perform at my work place even when my good boss had been transfer.....
Lord, i want to thank that you protect and provide for my family and parents.....may they be able to see your goodness and come to worship you.....may my life be a testimony to them of your love for all of us .....
Lord help me to know that with you alone ....i could overcome every difficult situation in my life .....let me grow in my faith and love for you.....In Jesus name,Amen!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Well,God Uphold me ....

Dear lord,
U know the scizophenic side of me wants to believe that Quincey's girlfriend is actually me.....and that is untrue but the thots keep coming back.....lord please help me to shake off these thots, he leads his life and i lead mine......i should not have thought of him anymore because it do me no good ......guess he is never a good friend to me and there is nothing between us so.....really i need to let go and stop thinking of him.....i want to use my time wisely to do things that benefit the people and glory you.....lord allow me to have wisdom to continue to do things purposely for you....lord help me to concentrate doing a good job, being a good daughter and sister to family and being a good friend.I need you to uphold me in all things i do .....God help Jesus name Amen!

Friday, March 20, 2009

God, songs for you

Dear lord,
While working ....i have this song in mind, things in the past, things yet unseen, wishes and hopes that are yet to come true, all of my hopes all of my dreams i am giving it to you......yes lord i remember a time while at church i had kneel down and sing this song to you.....lord just let me say how much i love you let me of speak of your mercy and grace, and just let me live in your are my strength when i am weak you are the treasure that i seek you are my all in all.....i want to run to the altar and catch the fire , standing in between the living and the dead, give us a heart of compassion for a world without you so much Jesus love you so much ,how my heart longs for you longs to worship you forever ......let me shine for you....shine jesus fill this land with your glory and love .....lord, loving you always.....Sally (the lady whose heart,mind and soul belongs to you, fill me with the holy spirit to do your will....Amen!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

God, Quincey had a girlfriend

Lord, yesterday i received an email from my sister , and well , she told me Quincey has a steady girlfriend.The first thought i had is to call my close friend ,shulan, to tell her.....well i don't really know how i felt....maybe confused is the word.Later in the night, i starts to wonder who is that lucky girl , and how does she looks like .....i think Quincey will love her alot, because Quincey is a good man ......well , in the morning i sms shulan and christine to tell them i am happy for him....guess i am really happy for him.....then, again.....i felt jealous of that girl....she wins his heart .....guess she must be a very pretty and nice godly girl.Well....hope that their relationship will be built strongly in the love of our god, You.....and lord i pray that Quincey will really have joy and peace living his life with this girl and they will be happy and lord may their union together give glory to you......Lord continue to bless Quincey abundantly, and lord let me not suffered heartache, but really be happy for him.....and lord bless me that i will journey through this life holding my hands tightly to yours and knowing that you will be strength and jesus name Amen!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh God i Had Spent Alot of Money

Dear Lord,
You know recently i have spent alot of money on a massage package for my mom and myself and lord right now i feel that i regret it ....but could not do anything .....lord help me to be able to clear the instalment smoothly and enjoy the package .....i decided to buy the package for my mom because i thought it was good for her ....and now she keep nagging at me that i spent so much money.....actually i really did spent alot .....Lord now i ask that your holy spirit give me the peace and joy to do my work faithfully that i will have salary to clear the instalments and start my savings plan by June .....Lord please Jesus name Amen!