Saturday, July 25, 2009

God , heal me

Dear God,
Today i received news that Quincey is getting married not surprising right ??Because he had a girlfriend already so natuarlly the next step is getting married ....i should be happy for him....guess i really should ....the thing is that i cried because there is still pain in my heart ....lord let me say a prayer for him and his soon to be wife ....Lord may you bless this couple a loving heart towards each other , may their coming together glorify Your name, may they be united in their spirits and as they live together may they provide to each other needs, giving and helping each other to fulfill their destiny in You....let them have such wonderful time with each other and realise that yes,lord you have make everything beautiful for jesus name Amen....Lord i say a prayer for myself ....lord help me to be sane in knowing that Quincey is no longer available .....and let me be able to let go .....guess i had try holding on too long a love that is not love .....a decomposite love .....guess i am going to be ok soon....lord i also want to thank you for a great birthday....had a spa . prayer session and pastor Benny talk....sometimes i thought of my rainbow prayer ....sometimes i thot of things that i wrote .....and it always hurts me ....becos what i prayed is always not the answer that turns up to be .....Sally rise up ....dun turn back .....come a long way and you are still going to go a long way ok??God thanks for telling me that ....haha.....In jesus name Amen!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Money Again....

Dear lord ,
Yesterday i cried ....over the fact that my mom had commented that i stirred up trouble becos i asked for ang pao for my birthday.....
is money problem again.....lord when can i feel that i dun need to worry about money .....lord why must i choose money instead of you.....i think is becos i had no wisdom in spending my money .....had took up a arts course that cost me quite a lot .....but i think i want to do it .....maybe i should be more prudent but i am not.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am so vain,God

Dear lord ,
Over the weekend i am so vain, i do manicure and pedicure , put face mask , buy clothings etc. aiyo lord , terrible me ....but guess i am happily doing all this .....lord guess most important thing is that i remember that all these is make possible by what you had given me.
On a more serious note , lord i feel that i am not willing to give my time to help someone .....i had wrestle the thought of should i give or not ....but find that weekends are the only time available for me to do my things and stuff....sometimes i felt that i said i want to love you and thus loving people with your love .....but i am not doing it am i lying ....lord please forgive me me to overcome this ....guess i had a long way to go.....lord let your wisdom and love guide jesus name Amen!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lord, i manage to finish my work

Dear Lord ,
Thanks for letting me able to finish my reports you know i have been having fear that i will not be able to finish ....and lord this moring i pray and remember a verse in bible ....i check it up now and write here....i dun really know the verse in the morning ....k i should waste no time ....going to my bible right now.....will be back....2 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power ,of love and of self discipline ....Amen!Lord, let me be able to live out this verse ....may your love fills me till i cannot contain but will fills it over to another person lives ....may i be able to know that with you alone ....i know i am a conquerer ....lord i know that you will heard me and fills me ....lord empower, transforms me ,let me be able to conform to Jesus your name is glorify by the way i live my life ....In jesus name Amen!