Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So ....Why am i feeling this way again??

Dear God,
I dun know why am i feeling that Quincey is not yet married .....just becos of what is written in my niece blog .....but sometimes i am just thinking ....and imagining things to be my way , dear lord please help me i am not suppose to think that way .....the fact is that he is married ....why must i keep trying to lie to myself .....that does not possibly be glorying you .....lord ....i switch on this thinkpad is not to dwell on this i am going to another post on the sermon that i said i will do .....nothing matters as long as chirst is preached .....yes it matters when Chirst is preached....Lord me in Jesus name Amen!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today , a sunday

Dear God ,
Thank you for this christmas weekend, had a wonderful time with family and friends and lord i am so blessed ....they bought me presents.....actually wanted to blog about what i learn during today sermon but thot that i am too tired ....very sleepy now couldn't do a good job .... tomorrow perhaps .....anyway today....while watering the plants , suddenly i thot of my old parents who had done gardening together a week ago .....they had tidy up the plants .....and thot that i really have a pair of loving parents who work together to let us grow up to be useful persons .....and suddenly i feel that my parents are so great....although they may not be rich, nor pretty persons ....but they are such loving and respondsible people .....even the plants (although is not great looking) are being taken good care by them .....Yes at times they may quarrel , and argue but they prove to me that if you are not highly educated or just a simple jane will still be someone who can be happily doing the simple tasks and having the simple pleasures of life....sometimes is not that you need to look big for god ....but you need to let god feel big in you.....God , thank you for this pair of great parents.....bless them.....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve, and i am at home

Dear lord today is christmas eve, and i am at home....oh what a boring person i am ....then no leh....haha....i did quite a lot of things today after work i went to Jurong point popular to buy a present for a Yueli's child,Leyi , back home wrap present, wash toilet, bath , then went downstairs for medicure and pedicure my nails look really nice , had dinner at Mac....coming back home , i listen to Pastor Benny Word in Season .....very satisfield .....just want to thank you God that you have given me this wonderful day.....

Yeah i want to blog about the message i heard from Pastor , and some notes i had written from life application bible when i have my quiet time ....the other day.....His message is on Hope for the hopeless Psalm about how we should prepare our hearts to meet God .....being humble , and like a weaned child , we should have a rested soul and a hope in us ....he mentioned that that hope is to life, is as seeds to the earth ....O lsrael, put your hope in the lord both now and forevermore ......Well, sally of today trust in this verse and surely she knew that God will make it come to in Sally of today have this hope in her, that makes her remember (Romans 8:28 and we know that in all things god works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purposes)....and (Jeremiah 29 :11 For i know the plans i have for you, declares the lord , plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future).....Do you know why Sally believes that God would not fail her .....becos she had wrestle with God all these times .....and she had reached a state , that her soul is rested and she knows and she knows that God will in His time make everything beautiful for His people , so be His loved ones ....if you are still not one .....

Talking about Jeremiah 29 :11 ...there in my bible is stated this ....As long as God, who knows the future, provides our agenda and goes with us as we fulfill his mission, we can have boundless hope.This does not mean that we will be spared pain, suffering or hardship, but that God will see us through to a glorious conclusion.....Amen!

A reminder ....A lack of continual gratefulness to God often indicates that we are taking the goodness of life for granted.....

Lord, thank you for this time that i could present what i learned to you .....may i grow deeper and deeper in love, till the day i see you face to face .....and heard you saying to me .....Well done, good and faithful servant ......Amen!

Always in You, loving and trusting You,
The Ugly but nice Sally :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas is Coming ....

Dear Lord,
Christmas is coming , this year i am going to make fruit jelly for my work place celebrations....i had also bought presents for all my family members ....and yeah...on christmas day i will meet secondary friends for a gathering going to be eventful for the next few days....then again at the back of mind ....there is two things that is bothering me, one is work ....there is alot of stuff to be done .....then again i am in festive moods and not really able to concentrate and do the things....lord is not an excuse right ??Lord help me.....The second is that i am waiting to go for checkups at SGH for lump discovered on my breast ......2 to 3 mths ago i have constant pain at my breast and is inverted not going off decided to see a not first time i realise i had lumps on my breast....last year the other breast had it and recovered ......i hope this time round will heal too....Lord, i believe you are a healer , since you had heal me so much for the past, i know i will be heal too this time .....Sunday sermon on faith, hope and love.....i want to apply it to my situation now .....and i know that with much faith, a hope in you and great love from You.....i know that whatever condition in the end i suffer, i know my joy is in You....Amen!

Love you,
Sweet, Simple, Satisfield Sally

Friday, December 18, 2009

2 cor 5:17-19

Hi God ,
I was reading at the verse a few days ago while doing quiet time....remember is a verse i have for Quincey's birthday....(ha, wondering how he was he now happily spending his time with wife, hope he is , may their lives glorify your name)....coming back to what i had learnt from quiet time ....a thot come back to me ....during YMM days ...amongst the last sermon i attend with Quincey is about this too....message of reconcillation.....oh no god what is the matter with me ....enough of Quincey....and just write what have you learnt .....In my life application bible (a gift from my cell-mates , so blessed right ....thank god for frens ) they make a real difference in my life .....Sally....can you go back to main point .....why huh ??Today what happen to you?? the bible is said christians are brand new people on the inside.It requires a new way of looking at all people and all of creation.Does your life reflect this new perspective ??
Year end is coming, and seriously reviewing back on my life for this whole year is indeed a year both of growth (pastor benny thots )and of sacrifice(Cell leader Chris thots).....Well, how should i put it ....guess in my heart i know how this two truths is being so real but i couldn't put it in thots here ....lord you understand right ??hmmm.....does my life reflect this new perspective ....guess i only know that whether the old me doing the thinking or the new sally doing the thinking ....i should put all thots under that of chirst ,our lord ambassador for God am i doing it to reflect that character of reconciliation??
.....Be willing to be part of the solution to those problems and in so doing, share the love of Christ praying this prayer he was also willing to be part of the answer to that prayer if God would so choose to use him.....i dun know where did i manage to copy the above from....but guess i want to learn from him....willing to be part of the answer to that prayer if God would so choose to use me ....Amen! Good night , God ....may i have a wonderful coming weekend....thank you lord....Love you, Sally

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hi God, i eat six leh....

Dear lord, eat six leh....i am doing 101 things at work but not work....terrible me .....lord let me be able to do the right thing at the right time .....i feel that i am cheating the organization lord , grant me full concentration that i will make good use of time to produce work .....and not doing things that will not glorify you.....but lord you know what i did right ??Nothing matters , as long as i know i am doing things that is what you plans for me to do .....Thinking of someone now....hopes everything is fine for him.....haha....Sally, watch up....don't make the mistake you make so many years ago.....if he is for you he will eventually be with you....if not guess, i know i still have the joy of the lord.....Amen!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear God, thanks for today....

Dear God,
Thank you for this day....had a good day working and talking to my niece and nephew ....thanks for friends who have pray for me cell group,Rigine ....and my loving parents who care for me so much .....reminding me to take my medicine ..... anyway not all friends give good advise ....guess i need to pray for direction....and yes lord just want to thank you for the tuition i got ....for next year .....thinking of my future ....and i am so hopeful becos i am secure that my love is anchor in the life that you had given up 2000 odd years ago....Amen!lord bless the people i have and meet, may the love of christ in me may touch their hearts that they will repent their past sins ....and strive to live a life full of your love and grace .....Amen!I want to continue to love you with all my heart , my mind and my soul.....Amen!Amen! Amen!

Love from princess,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Lord, i pray that i will sleep

Dear lord,
Please let me sleep tonight and let me be able to concentrate on work tomorrow .....i am terrible .....guess i just know that things is going to turn up alright ....Right, Amen!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear God , how i wish i could call someone

God ......i wish i could talk to someone .....someone whom i wish like when i took the car ride .....but no lor i am not able to terrible ....terrible ......what should i do , i will pray about it ....then.....hope that i can really brace up .....

Stop being such a fool

Sometimes lord, i think i am a fool....jus recover from my past hurts ....and i am falling into it again....terrible could i make myself like that .....well the person is .....someone in cell, and the terrible thing is i cannot touch him....he got a gf already .....and lord i am jus being someone who is a fool.....sometimes when i think of it i think i should apply divine guidance and that is decision of discipline .....lord help me ok....