Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's 25th ,one more day and it will be church camp

Dear God,
Tomorrow is church camp....Yahoo....looking forward to a great time listening to your word and fellowshipping with other sisters and brothers in Christ .....lord prepare my heart and open my mind , renew and refresh me .....
When i came back from Cell yesterday , i had a good chat with Terrence.....haha.....really enjoy the ride back.....sometimes i feel that is good to just chat about anything that comes to mind .....no agendas , nothing pretensential ......i hope Terrence would not find me a burden.....,well had enjoy cell....studying revelations with the group ....yes lord i want to continue to live my life , serving you and people , and knows that is you that works through and in me ....letting people know of your great love , your mercy and grace.
Just now i had lunch with one of the auntie who cook a nice simple lunch for us .....lord although she is a buddist and don't believe in you....but i hope through my way of living she will come to accept you one of these days .....lord have mercy on them ....may you be so real to them as you are to me .....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a Tuesday, and thank God for it

Dear God,
Had wake up thinking about Quincey again....and during journey to work had thought that it would be a not so nice day again.But thank God, i read a book ....and summit my thoughts to you and bingo....is towards the end of the day and is not that bad afterall....had a good lesson with students and i am looking forward to cell meeting later......yes, lord whenever i am feeling down i need to remind myself to look up to you....and i will find You smiling down at me, and said "Girl, i am in control....dun look to circumstances ....but to me, ya "....and i know deep in my heart you will never forsake or leave me ....and this is my assurance....Amen!
Had written my thanksgiving testimony to YA again....but i am not emailing it out yet ....becos i dun know will i have new insights when i went for church camp on the 26th to 29th....yeah....i expect myself to be renewed in this church camp.....filled with holy spirit to continue the race in the years to come......Lord, say a prayer here, thank god for today i am looking forward to tomorrow, lord bless me with concentration to be able to finish my work....let me be able to complete the work before i went for my church camp next week.....let it be a job well-done .....doing my best for it ....last lord i thank you for my father ,mother and family may they come to know of your great love for them.....thank you that my father is feeling better towards me .....not so annoyed by me.....lord continue to shine on me so that i too can be light and salt to the people around me .....in jesus name Amen!

Always loving you ,
Sincere, Shiny, Special Sally.....YES!YES!YES!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A quarrel with Dad

Dear God,
You know what happen yesterday night right ??I hate myself for being so lazy, so insensitive towards my dad's comment .....and lord i hope that what i do will not pull him away from You.....Lord you know his mind and heart....please soften his heart and pull down the walls that is blocking him to come to know your peace and joy .....it always hurts me when he said things like i called myself christian that is why i don't respect nor being fillial to him.....lord how can i show him that You are indeed a loving God that loves us all.....when my behaviour towards him was so bad....the thing is that it have been sometime that he is really angry with me....i don't know what can i do to earn the favour of him.....he seems to be very against me and hostile to me ....lord what did i do wrong ?? Sometimes, i feel that i am such a poor testimony of You....wanting you to dwell in me to produce much hope , but incapable of doing even the simple thing of loving my dad, who had given me so much, so much ......lord can you put things into a better way for me .....sometimes is terrible just the terrible me who don't know how to deal with people and things.....lord please give me more wisdom to be able to relate to my dad, my colleugue , my mum , to the people who matters to me....let me know how to handle things and circumstances that comes my way....not only in crying helplessly but in changing and transforming myself to let the matter glorifys you.....lord, help me....in jesus name Amen!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Weekend,thank God

Dear God,
I have a wonderful weekend, doing volunteer work with sgcares and on sunday a good worship with the church as GMC celebrates 39th annversary .....i am 34 this year ....the church is set up five years ahead of me and Quincey is 44 ,the church is set up five years later when he is born ....haha...is not really signifcant ....silly me, God why must i mention Quincey again....but then again during the worship at the anniversary .....a song sang reminds of him again.....this christmas is the first christmas he spent with his wife.....lord bless them that they have a wonderful time together, let them treasure each other in this festive season....knowing that they are a gift for each other from God, just like Jesus ,your son.God as for me, hope i will enjoy the year end session....with family and friends ......may your hope in me produces value in the lives of people that i meet, have .....may i continue to abide in you, as you lead and guide me ......lord thank you the weekend....and hope that many more will come .....in jesus name ,Amen!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well, God I am rather ill-discipline

Dear God,
You know how lazy i am these few days ....wanted to log on after work at home....but keep not doing it ....there is a few matters that i need to settle and well....i am not doing it ....terrible ....and well, guess i am very thickskinned too .....contacted kelvin again....but no i am not thinking of going out with him nor having thoughts that we will ever be togther .....guess i just want to find out how he was , whether he got himself another new girlfriend....in the first place, i dun really know whether he treat me as his girlfriend.....well....maybe i will never know .....guess i should stop to blog about the past but looking forward to the dreams that i have.....
Btw, God i complete 2km out of the 5km of run on last sunday by running ....guess i must thank Ros for encouraging me throughout the race , at least i complete the whole 5km.....well god, you remind me that you sent friends to support me in the spritirual race too.....Ros, remind me of thinking of the postivies....the can dos ....and not dwelling on the cannots and negatives .....race is about running ahead ....and abandon the past....Yes, lord i want to keep running the race holding my hands tightly to you.