Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear God what do i actually love to do

Dear Lord ,
Recently my friends had prayed for me and they think that i should seriously think about what can i do and love to do and stop wasting my time away .....actually i want to do drawings and paintings and handicrafts .....but lord i do not know how to start ....i had lost touch of painting and drawing ....and i love to do writing ....i want to be able to do these with you in the picture and glorify you with all these works of mine ......lord help me to be able to do it ......and lord how am i be able to make use of my time to the fullest .....lord please help me in jesus name amen!

Friday, June 5, 2009

God, Thank You For Your Grace

Hi Lord,
Sometimes i think i am such a stupid sinful person, and so worthless but you are still so full of grace for me .....dieing to give us life abundance .....what did you see in me .....and this make me want to really love you with all my heart, as i learn to love you more , i know i had learnt to love people, because as you had written in bible what i do to the people i am doing it unto you .....lord grant me the wisdom to love the people with a sincere heart and knows that is in giving that i am able to know the real value of love....then again i must give to the right persons with the right things .....not all people will have pure hearts ....we are sent out to be doves be pure in our thoughts but we must be wise too....knowing when to avoid the temptations and vices that we should avoid.....Lord give me this wisdom....Amen!