Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When a woman discovers her dream

Dear God,
I had read the book title above .....yes, learn alot ....and i am going to pass the book to Sharleen, my cell group member....guess i want to encourage her to dream on the things that You have for us all.....and yes God , i am working on my dream too ....tough but i am going to get going .....ha thought what a co-incident .....when i write about the burst of dream i come across this book .....lord i have lots of dreams .....teach me lord to take a step by step plan to fulfill my dreams.....not mine but yours that you have in mind for me to carry up .....yes whether in the end it burst , or never happen .....or it came to pass .....i know if i handed it into your hands ....you will make things beautiful for me in your time.....bless me lord .....enlarge my territory .....prayer of J....dun know what ....haha....backdated ....but is what i know i should pray now.....remind me to keep walking with my hands hold tight in yours .....Lord, i love you....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well God, the dream burst ,What's next ??

Dear God,
The dream that i will end up with Quincey ended ....i cannot cling on to the dream anymore .....so what is next ??I won't want to fall for another person again.....and lord i trust that you want me to be a good daughter, sister , aunty and friend to my family and friends now ....and yes not to forget to be a good worker .....lord, let me be able to do that and focus on that.....the dream is a past.....guess everyone had a past, like the past that i had before i fall for Quincey, like Quincey been my past after Kelvin came into my life.....then again.....i realise that all these persons are not people that will stay in my life....well, life still goes on without them guess .....and yes all of them had brought meaning to my life .....and i know people that i am going to meet in the future will also brought meaning to my life .....lord let me continue to be a blessing ......knowing well that you are the hope of our lives , and yes no matter is a joyous event or that of a hurting event .....we know you are in control....You will be our victory ....and i know that no matter what other kinds of dreams i had in the future, whether it come to pass or it burst ....i know i put them in your hands .....and i trust that you lead me and guide me to feel,say , think in a way that is glorying You.....Dream burst, yes but i know my all is in good hands ,in yours.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

God bless Quincey's Marriage

Dear Lord,
May you grant Quincey a blessed marriage , had asked my sister more about him when my sister called just now ....well, memories of him flooded my mind again....guess letting go also means that i dun talk about him anymore .....becos he leads his life and i mine .....what is the use of keep mentioning about a man who never, or ever will come to love you....dun you think is jus stupid and boliao .....God.....help me .....stop letting me think of him again....well my tears had stopped but my heart ached still.....lord ....bless his marriage....may they be able to bless the rest with their coming together .....as for me lord .....let me not to sms nor call kelvin no matter how lonely i felt .....just stay the way i am ....think being single is a choice , if i had make the choice ....then stick to it .....well i guess maybe to be married or to be single does not matter as long as what you do glorifys god and is in his will for you ....and that is what really matters ....May Quincey and his wife leads such a meaningful life , loving and giving to each other knowing that their love is anchors in your love .....may every word they spoke to each other be eifying to each other ....may their offsprings be such beautiful and obedient children ....and worship you as a family who loves and obeys your words .....lord bless them abundantly .....so that their love could be a lasting legacy that for generations to come ....their coming together may glorify your name , may they live such simple yet meaningful lives loving each other with the deep love of christ for His church.....and they may have children that knows that they are deeply loved by their loving parents ......and lord i pray that they are such good parents that they discipline their child the way it should be .....lord always uphold their marriage ......Quincey .....blessed marriage .

Monday, October 5, 2009

Make Beautiful by You

Dear God,
When i was on my way to work, a thought surfaced, if there is ever a guy who will come to accept and love me, as christ for the church, i know i will radiant with beauty.The fact that i am loved by him ,I will want myself to look beautiful for him, and to show the happiness .....then again, if there is no guy who will ever love me that means i will be ugly for the rest of my life.....i dun want that to be a truth in my life.....so i must make this a fact in my life that is i am loved by Jesus, and therefore i could be beautiful too .....Maybe, Jesus may not be tangible as a person, but He is someone in my heart ....and i know he lives in me .....Well, the knowledge of Him dearly loving me, should also radiant me with beauty....so therefore , whether i am loved by a man in the end, will not matter but the fact that Jesus loves me , can make me look beautiful for the rest of my life.....Amen!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Biblical injustice

Dear God,
Had went to pastor benny talk ....he never touch on the natural calamity that ends life....he talks about biblical injustice ....It is when someone takes away another person's life, dignity ,or the fruit of their love and labor .....well...well ....guess when the word justice is used ....it can mean so many things .....well, i hope that after the busyness of this week....i could write to Pastor to tell him how i see this word justice ......injustice is the abuse of power ..... a few points to note we need to look into the pain of the oppressed, the plot of the wicked , the passion of the church and the person of God......we must realise the pain of the suffering, kill the roots of where the plot of the wicked is , the people of God need to pray and act upon it and the person of God as God will always come to the rescue....as christians since we know the joy and peace of the lord we should take his word into the world ....and not enjoy and died in our own churches without spiritual purposes in life .....Lord , help me to understand what pastor is teaching amen!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

God, Are you a justice God ??

Dear lord, i will be going to pastor benny ho talk on god of justice......if you are a just god ....why does you let innocent people suffer ?? What is in your mind when you sent calamity all over the world.....have heard of all those calamities that is happening .....lord, why why why ??and well, been seeing a video on youtube about a handicapped resident complaining about his plight of not been help by the MP .....well.....who is respondsible for all these ??The more i ponder i discover that God you are keeping slient .....been withdrawn about all those things that happen.....Lord how can i trust you when all you do is keeping all so quiet about everything .....if you are a just God, what is happening to the world .....why dun you act .....or should we act ....are you expecting us christians to act .....Lord answer me please .....