Thursday, January 15, 2009

Work - A place where transformation takes place

Dear God,
I had discovered that i am making changes in my attitudes and character through this work you had so kindly let me have a chance to do .....although work is heavy and there is a thousand and one thing to do .....i found that i am loving it .....which i had not felt for a long time.Lord, i want to thank you that you provide this job for me ......thank you for the good bosses (yes that includes the lady boss that i don't love).....guess i want to go deeper .....lord i pray that you open ways possible for me to get to study social work and be able take this up as a career know my heart and my mind .....lord , i had been so touched by everything You do for me .....and everyday i just want to continue to be transformed by your love and mercy for me .....never will i know how my future will turn up, but i am confident with You walking daily with me .....i know and i know there is a hope for me ......the dark days are over and a brand new Sally had emerge , i know You will continue to mould and transform me into the person that you would want to have in the kingdom of yours, for that i am grateful and thankful.....lord, may your hands be upon me .In jesus name,Amen!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Holy Communion at 2009

Thank God for speaking to me at church is a long time since i last heard you thank you...Below is what i wrote on YMM church web (forum page)....feel free to go there Lord i am so glad that you speak me to continue to seek you with all my heart, soul and mind ....allow me to grow in love with you deeply Amen!

Hi all,God seldom speak to me clearly as in He dun make himself heard easily to me but today he speak to me when i took the Holy communion.I had ask him to speak to me and thank God He did.Since i had always been troubled by money and relationship problems i had ask him to speak to me regarding the above at church before taking the bread ,then he spoke....

Take my body , the bread ,my provisions to you,food to fill your stomach (represent the food, money etc) and later the cup (my blood)represent the relationships that i had been seeking....and suddenly i realised that God had already provided for me all this while and till now he speak so clearly to me ....

And i am really glad that He spoke....His voice is the gentle voice of my own came from within and somehow i know and i know is Him who had spoke.Praise the Lord!Amen

Friday, January 2, 2009

How should we love??

Dear God,
You know i have diffcultity loving those that i don't like (i had been rather angry with my lady boss Alice)....and i find it so hard to love somebody that you don't agree with ....i had always had this problem that i can't love the people i work with .....and lord i think the problem lies with me because i wasn't able to agree with their ways ....i think i always want to think that i am right in doing the things which is not always the case.
Lord, help me to be less self-center ....that i should accept others working style .....and that their ways may be better .....lord you know my heart and my mind .....renew the ways i had always been hold on and lead me to a higher way of doing my work so that all glory goes back to jesus name Amen