Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 ending soon....Welcome 2009

Dear God,

2008 is ending soon, this year i had not been to church for watchnight service, i want to welcome 2009 in a new way....and guess that is why i started this blog, doing what i like best to write.

2008 is indeed a fruitful year, been able to work for the past half year at a neighbourhood link and yes i am looking forward to doing a better job(i guess that is one of the hopes of 2009).And i had been into a relationship(the guy is Kelvin), but i guess Kelvin did not want to commit to me and i guess i don't love him enough.

Well, at the start of this year i had prayed that i won't be troubled by relationship and money problems .....guess i am indeed breaking free from it ....Thank You God.

2009 ....lord what is there in store for me....i jus want to live it to the fullest .....have a healthy lifestyle ,be able to slim down and perhaps be able to have more money....guess i had to look for ways to earn more money.....and yes to do my job well.....i think i want to learn a new skill more , write more and yes pray more ....allowing you to increase and me to decrease have hope in you ,to let your love overflows and knows that whatever the circumstances that i am in i know You are with me and with you i can do everything.

Lastly , God i want to thank you for 2008 and yes i am going to say thank you for 2009 also because i trust you that you will be with me ....and that is more than enough....lord thank you, I love you....In jesus name Amen!
P/s : The photo is me and my nieces and nephew....guess is taken a few years ahead.