Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear God,
Although cell yesterday we did not do much on word ....but we have a good time at Waye's house praying for them.....anyway Chris told us cell is going to first thought is that i am so afraid that i won't be with Waye anymore .....surprisingly nowadays i am able to talk about cell....haha....and not something of the past what i do in my previous blog ....then again in this blog too....i had come to realise i should live in the now ....and not the then....haha....hope is not too late .....
Chris remind us that we are children of God, so do we live like princess and prince or beggars .....and he remind us to live a victorious life should we live a victorious life ??Got to see if it get publish....lord sorry becos of computer problems got to stop blogging to you again....bye ....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lord tell me how to ....

Dear Lord,
Yesterday ,in the end we did not go karoake but instead we went to science center , my perth brother-in-law said that is not so good ....we have a fun day dinner too...hope my family like the day.
Lord, today i cried again....yes is about Quincey again.....lord i dun know how to let go and let you.....The fact is that is he is married .....and i should move on.....but lord you know i have fears .....fears that i would not be able to love another anymore with this pure love i have for him ....then again would there be another for me to love .....lord ,today pastor pray that may the lord fulfills the desire in our hearts .....and you know i cried and cried because you know my desire is to be with Quincey and that is a desire that could not be filled .....i dun want to lose the confidence i have in you, lord .....then again lord , maybe what you have intended for me is a much blessed plan for me then i could fathom .....i should trust you in my life....lord teach me know how to let go ....not to live in world view but to know my heavenly places in you ....that although i am here physically but my place is in the spiritual realm where Christ is .....where i know that there is eternal joy .....knowing that i should not stubbonly hold on to the bondages or the idols in my life .....yes lord , let my life reflect that of your glory ,of your grace, of your mercy ,of your goodness .....sometimes i jus know that everything is going to turn up well.....there is nothing that Lord,you could not do i seek you with my heart ....i know you will make it more than wonderful.....a glorious conclusion in my life.....Amen!

Loving you with a faith of muster seed,
Simple Sally

Friday, January 22, 2010

My first sister is back....

Dear God,
You know that my first sister from Perth is back....and tomorrow we are going to have karaoke at Partyworld at Clementi, followed by a dinner at Sakura at Omin Theatre with our 24 strong family members.....amazing dad and mom is amazing ....they raise us up and now my sisters and brother is having own families to raise up .....i hope that our family bond would continue to hold strong ........haha....thank you for this amazing family who gives me support and love .....without them i dun know where will i be now .....
Wanted so much to ask my sister about Quincey....but realised that is jus no use to mention his name again.....he is married .....and leading his happy life and lord, i know i should live my happy life too....but i know a part of me won't be happy at all.....lord was it i love Quincey too deeply or am i jus behaving like a spolit child who is just unhappy because she can't have what she wants ??....yes lord, questions and questions .....but what is the use of pondering over these issues ....does it help glorying you lord ??Lord, there is the people of Haiti who suffers after the earthquake and i am so selfishly clinging on to something that is not worth the efforts ....but lord i just sincerely want to love Quincey with all my heart .....Sally, sally enough of that man, you know he is married can you want to love a married man .....that is a sin.....i know you commited alot of sins you want to continue your sinful ways .....Sorry, God .....i will jus love him in my own ways ....i will not tell him nor do anything drastic......No....that is lieing to God .....stop your nonsenses .......lord, is unfair ....nothing is fair to me why ??Sometimes God i just want to hate you more than anyone .....i dun want to love you .....because you never give me the things i hope i will have keep withhold from me the the people i desire ......lord you are unfair .....feel like beating you up God.....i am just a simple girl with a simple heart and who just want to love someone simply .....isn't this simple enough.....Can't you grant this simple wish to a simple sally.....Why??

Feeling hurt , Simple Sally

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Wednesday

Dear God,
Lord, is amazing how you let things work out in your ways know i had found that work is overwhelming in the morning and when i talk to my boss....he had said what i am doing is the minimum....which i had also believe so ....but inside me i feel that my other two working partners are not doing that much too....and feel so unfair ....i called my mom and a friend ....thank god,that both encourage me in a way that i turn up that i am not negative i go about fufilling my duties in the workplace ....i realised that one of the colleugue actually help me out in doing part of my work....and i feel so thankful....maybe my boss did talk to him to help me or because i had request for him to help and he helped ....anyways of it ....lord i feel that is you who knows what is going on and you help me to not to be negative and be postive ....thus things just flowed ....
When i returned home , Dad and Mom had prepared nice dinner ...Fried rice and cabbage soup ....have a good dinner , play and talk to my niece and nephews ....doing the dishes , then settle down to listen to Pastor Benny Word in a season,been so encouraged by His words .....wonderful working day....could write now becos tomorrow i am on leave to take care of brother's baby....Mom and Dad going to Polyclinic for checkups.....Lord what more do i want ....all i know is that i want to give what overflow from me to the rest .....letting the fragrance of yours be spread .....Yes, although thoughts of Quincey is still in my heart and mind .....but guess there is no use to hold on ....He is already married .....and maybe i am called to be like Paul to live a single life devoted to You,God.....maybe , yes maybe ....

In love with you,
Sincere, Simple, Sweet Sally

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday Sermon 27th Dec 2009 Ps 103:1-5

Psalm 103 :1-5 (Notes i written after listening)

5 blessings :-1)Forgiveness
4)Love and Compassion

Forgiveness (v3) - God forgives our sins , so we need to be humble,not judging others and forgives others too.

Healing (v3)- God heals ,through natural healing , spritiual healing and the workings of doctors and medical professionals

Redemption(v4) -Ps 40 :2-3 ....god will redeem us through all the diffculties we face, and dun forget Christ already redeemed us we are victors in Christ.

Love and Compassion (v4) -God's love and grace always see us thorough , thus with His love shower upon us , we can have great love for our family and friends .

Provision (5) -God satisfies our desires with good things .....sometimes, God does not always provide for us what we want, but rest assured he gives us the best things that he thinks we will need our Lord.

Wow,God i am so thankful....

Dear Lord,
I am so thankful to you ....i went for my breast checkup and the inflammation burst i need to do an emergency operation, the doctor said is breast abcess, i haven't went for another appoinment after operation so dun know the outcome of what the report is about what kind of bactieria is it ...but lord i pray that i need not go through it again....thank God for Emily who came and be with me before the the first time i am operate on....everything is ok....till the dressing of the wound is terribly painful.....and thank God for answering our prayers that the last dressing done is not as painful .....Well....lord just want to continue to give thanks to you for what you have done in my life jus amazing how you have push and pull me through all the tough times .....from physical to emotional to spiritual .....from body to mind to soul .....and all in all you are always there ....listening and givning me the comfort that i need ....lord i just want to hold your word tightly in both my mind and heart ....and most importantly live it out .....just the way You want my life to live out for you....Amen,Amen,Amen!
Share this with the cell group yesterday....dun know have i wrote it here before ....but jus want to utter these words to you again show you that truly you are my rock and councellor ....As long as God, who knows the future, provides our agenda and goes with us as we fulfill his mission, we can have boundless hope.This does not mean that we will be spared pain, suffering or hardship, but that God will see us through to a glorious conclusion.....Lord, see to it that i have a glorious conclusion in You alone! Amen!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh time passes so fast

Dear God,
Oh is amazing we are now 8 days into the new year 2010....oh how time really passes so quickly....becos my thinkpad got some problems i could not log on at home to write ....and i had said i wanted to write about one of the sunday sermon....but think i must delay it till i fixed the thinkpad problem before i could proceed....btw God help me to solve the problem becos i had download some virus into the thinkpad.....i wanted so much to get a new laptop if possible but feel that i should not since i am not in need of it (money shortage too)....please help God....
Btw i am seeing a doctor at SGH later for my breast problem....the condition has turn all reddish, swollen and in pain .....terrible....lord, pls let the doctor do the best for my condition ....may he be able to cure it....and lord i believe that You will be able to heal me .....lord i just want to put my faith in You.
Lord, i want to thank you ....for allowing me to complete my work good and earilier on time just like i enjoy every minute of my life , family , friends and all.....lord i have come to a stage that i am comfortable with everything.....and lord should i be looking into furthering my studies so that it enrich my life....not only that, you know i wanted to have qualifcations so that people recognized my work.....then again , i am questioning myself ....whether is this important to me .....why not i just enjoy what i have now ....and continue to do my best ....lord ...i pray that in time to come you show me which path to take ....Amen!
Btw, lord i was just asking myself this question about what is the most important thing you cannot afford to lost when you are faced with the situation that you are losing everything you have i think....Sally thinks....Geok Mui thinks .....and all three of us agreed that i cannot afford to lose my faith in you ....actually when the first thought comes to me ....i think is my family .....but then when i consider it family may not be there for me always parents will one day will pass sisters and brother would have their own family to care ......and i come to acknowledge .....whether i am rich or poor, God you will continue to love and care for me ....thus my faith and love in you should not waver matter what happens to me in the end.....i know and i know that God, you will never forsake or leave me .....and all i want to do is to worship and give thanks to you alone .....
Loving You Greatly , Geok Mui (Sally)