Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On my way to work

Dear God,
On my way to work jus now, i saw a young couple....the guy was showing some photos he take on his iphone to his girlfriend ....and later, he was seen lovingly stroking the "horsetail"-hair of his gf ....this scene makes me feel so happy ....haha....surpriseingly i am neither envy nor jealous that God you did not provide me a loving boyfriend ....but i rejoice to see that the young couple in each other comfort nice right .....there is a part of me that knows that love needs not to be "processed' is giving freedom .....for the person to choose ....and i realised that Quincey had make his choice and i should be very happy for for Terence ....jus pray that his love with his girlfriend will grow ....remember kelvin once said to me to let our love grows .....i dun know is me who disallow this relationship to grow or is that is him.....well ...well ....Kelvin always remember God loves you ....and you must do your best to live a righteous life....if you ever had a wife ....dun let her down faithful to her .....lord, i wonder who will read my blog ....but lord, i know that in me writing all these here to commune with you .....whether whoever came to read it .....let them read it with open hearts ......maybe they know the persons who is stated ....i hope in their wisdom they know that something is good to keep it to will do nothing good to reveal too much to the concerned persons i mentioned here ......Lord , bless these people that i had written, bless the people who reads my blog and lastly bless the person who wrote all these .....May your name be above all, knowing that is in you and through you that our being and doing glorifys You....Amen!

In You,
Sally (Geok Mui)

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