Saturday, February 27, 2010

The beauty of Grace is that it is unfair

Dear lord ,
Dear lord, read the title from amanda's blog of Grace is unfairness true ....Jesus whose death on the cross wasn't fair ....he suffered although He is sinless ....and my context ....having me loving Quincey and him choosing another is also unfairness ....but i know i must gracefully accept it ....if is your will ,lord ....let me be able to let go ....maybe for this period of time i need to carry this cross with me .....carrying cross means it means building up our spiritual muscles....remember i had told a story to Qingfa ....about how a man pushes stone all the day because his master had wanted him to move the stone doing it for a long time he saw that the stone had not moved a inch then he went back to his master sadly and said that he had failed ....but his master tell him....look at yourself now had trained yourself to be strong God's sovernighty....there is nothing called unfairness ....but is a matter of His purpose ....well....i dun know what is god's purpose sister's purpose of letting me know that Quincey is getting married ....maybe is something i asked for since ...i wrote in a website forum that if he is married i am able to let go ....maybe God your purpose is to let me start writing again....haha....usually i dun write so much if there is nothing that bothers me....but i need to tell myself to brace up and read more , write more for Christ sake ....and not because of myself .....being christ-center and not self-center .....lord may you enlarge me circle of influence that ....with your love overflowing from me ....i could do much more than ever i could imagine .....raise up the spirit in me ....let your grace flows jesus name Amen!

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