Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi hi....dearest God

Dear Lord,
Thank you for today ....no big mood swing .....enjoy teaching the students english....i hope in my teaching of them ....they would come to know you better.....Btw one of the aunties who frequent our center is down with dengue ....and now she is well ....and well, my boss wanted to help her and intend to carry up rituals at home.....lord knowing all these that goes on in the surrounding i live in, how can i by my devotion to you shows that other religions, no matter in what forms .....will not be greater than You.....lord in knowing You till now ....how could i displayed the confidence that i found in You.....but lord , you know my struggles.....so how can i live a victorious life with you.....but lord, i want to continue to give thanks ....becos in all these, i feel your presence with me .....carry me through ......and yes i am madly in love you.....is you who create me in the first place, you know me when i am in my mother's womb .....you know my father and mother, and you chose me to be born to them, to let them know your great love.....guess i want to pray for more wisdom in talking to people about your goodness, lord lead me, as you filled my life with blessedness .....i know i can't live a day without your holiness in me ....help me to trust you for my future where i know, is not me that matters but that of your son Jesus Christ .....preaching and teaching His ways to the people.....living life sole purpose for you, no matter what is the season of my life .....for the reason of the season is found in the living of conforming to the image of Your son.....Amen!

Simply yours
Geok Mui (Sally)

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