Thursday, March 11, 2010

Break Soul ties with Quincey

Dear Lord,
You know I had called Eebin to pray for me ....and re-commited my life to you ....whatever dreams or goals in life is not important as i continued to grow and be transformed by Chirst love have for us .....yes Quincey maybe very important to you....and being so important to know you can't hold him in your mind anymore because you got to be fair to his wife .....maybe, just maybe that in the last life, i had a relationship with him....that is why now i have been so affected i had to cut the soul tie .....btw i hope i won't love another anyhow too....just know that i want to live my life fully for Christ now .....lord i hope ....and because i had make a decision ....i should not have Quincey in my thots anymore more .....enough is enough know that he is not going to come back for you .....and is a truth that you got to accept .....he is happily married so bless him, dear.....and because you have bless know you will be blessed too.....Geok Mui, Sally ....whoever you are need to let yourself be released of this bondage you know pretty well that you will still live in joy because of the love of God , of Jesus in you, and you know pretty well will continue to love .....and be loved this three remain, faith ,hope and love .......our faith is in Jesus Chirst, our hope is in God Almighty and our love is in our heavenly Father who makes all things possible.....Amen!

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